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Weordan map


The Radiant Agnosian Empire

A collective of states unified by their proximity and their devotion to Agnos, the Giver of Light. Law and life are ruled by ecclesiastic fiat. Apothos is highly regulated, limited to Ecclesians and Knights of the Realm. The Agnosian Empire is the setting of Divine Fire.

Rindtearal Badlands

A wasteland rich in fuel sources and home to the Oinos collective. The Oinos routinely alter themselves and animals with otherwise forgotten technology of the Empire. They live in an apothos-communication-driven society where status trumps economics.

The Goeterian Polities

A group of technically advanced city states that dominate Intera, the inland sea they surround. In the Goeterian Polities, those adept in apothos, the apothynomi, rule over those with little talent or training. Goeteria is the setting of Model Species.


Some say Weordan was destroyed by depraved use of apothos. Others say it was a natural disaster or the wrath of Agnos. The destruction of the capitol caused a dark age and the loss of much apothic knowledge. Explorers come from across the continent to plunder the ruins.

Malatien Grasslands

Once the training grounds of the Weordan military, the savannas are dominated by the felids, cats transformed by Imperial apothynomi to be controlled and commanded to kill efficiently. Without their masters, the felids live as disorganized, warring tribes.

Bayard Plains

Most of the inhabitants of the Bayard Plains are incapable of apothos. The human subspecies are known as bayards, and the highly intelligent horses as bays. Utilizing specialized but rudimentary technology, the two species work together to make the agricultural engine of Weordan highly productive.

Goeteria map



The bustling city of Keno leads the charge in innovation as the world emerges from a catastrophic dark age. Formerly the weak sister of Denaphaos across the Interan Strait, Kenos is the newest, and possibly the most powerful, member of the Interan League.


Across the narrow Interan Strait from Kenos, Denaphaos remains steeped in the old ways and watches as its power fades and Kenos rises.


Zyrie is the site of the signing of the political, military and trade pact organized by the four members of the Interan League, of which Zyrie was one. More formally, the signatory states are known as the Goeterian Polities.


Snubbed from the Interan League in favor of Denaphaos-aligned Trysorta. Neltiar Silva has diplomatic credentials originating from this city. It is also home to a very talented, young apothic swordsman.

Zimatran Mountains

The Zimatran Mountains form a natural barrier that insulates the Goeterian Polities from danger, but also distances them from their allies in the Bayard Plains.


Brought into the Interan league by Denaphaos to solidify its position over upstarts Kenos and Zyrie. With the ascension of Kenos, politics in Trysorta have tilted in favor of the rising star.

Goeteria is the setting of Model Species.

Radiant Agnosian Empire map

The Radiant Agnosian Empire


The epicenter of an ideological conflict. The cosmopolitan business men of Florey are pressing boundaries imposed by the conservative religious class. Bankers lend capital and collect interest, holding hostage the livelihoods of good, honest men. But there is worse. Superior emetanisms of foreign construction seep into the city on almost a daily basis. The emetanisms are anathema in the light of Agnos.


Near Marie's birthplace, Havenstone, and her current residence, Coppice Vris. Marie and Neltiar met in a shop he operated in Lys.

The Agnosian Empire is the setting of Divine Fire.


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