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Weordan is an alien world. Most everything there is different in some way or another from Earth. This includes, but is not limited to the language, people, plants, animals, culture and technology. Everything is translated in one way or another into something comparable in our own environment. However, some things defy translation or are best left untranslated to enhance the experience of Weordan as alien but comprehensible. The Weordan Glossary is a resource to assist in understanding Weordan. Most every aspect of Weordan mentioned in the Apothic Man series can be figured out from context, and reading the contents of the glossary may spoil the experience for some people. However, communication is imperfect, so these more direct explanations of aspects of Weordan have been provided for those who desire to have them.

Agnos: The diety of light worshipped primarily by the peoples of the Agnosian Empire. Agnos is their star, and they believe it watches over them.

Amulet: A frequently used term for a culcursus in Kenos. The common term for something that means so much appeals to many apothynomi.

Anti-Weord: The compass direction away from Weordan.

Annulment: The process, usually performed by a vacatun, of disrupting an apothynom's conditioning that makes apothos easier, faster and more effective.

Apothic: Something which is related to or produced by apothos.

Apothos: The projection of metabolic energy to accomplish something that isn't strictly physical.

Apothynom: Someone who is skilled in apothos, which generally requires a culcursus or Oinos implant.

Avitored: An apothically produced high strength metal alloy used mostly for armor.

Bari-melon: A fruit that produces an enzyme that breaks down the protein in the blood that regulates the apothos catalyst.

Bay: Horses with exceptional intelligence that inhabit the Bayard Plains. They make capable complements to Bayards on the industrialized farms known as Freeholds.

Bayard: Humanoids which mostly reside in the Bayard Plains that are larger, stronger, and possibly, smarter than Humans. Bayards are physically incapable of Apothos, likely due to Imperial design.

Bayard Plains: A vast, well irrigated plain that is parceled into tracts farmed by incorporated groups of Bays and Bayards known as Freeholds. These Freeholds participate in a representative democracy to provide for public infrastructure, law enforcement and defense.

Bi-week: A period of eleven days that consists of two sub or half weeks of five days each and a middle day between them.

Chancery of the Path: An investigative service that handles sensitive or religious crimes and criminals in the Radiant Agnosian Empire. Members are known as Chancellors.

Chancellor: A member of the religious police in the Radiant Agnosian Empire. Their organization is the Chancery of the Path.

Cicatrice: A scar intentionally produced to create a yellow glowing patch, similar to a tattoo, on someone's skin.

Coppice Vris: Ancestral home of Phillip Lemieux, Marie's husband.

Culcursus: A specialized emetanism designed to improve apothic conditioning so apothynomi can perform more varied apothos at a higher skill level.

Darhora: A Goeterian follower of Agnos that advocated for those less adept at apothos.

Decenti: A monetary unit in the Radiant Agnosian Empire roughly equal to one day's pay for a common laborer.

Denaphaos: Denaphaos, across the narrow Interan Strait from Kenos remains steeped in the old ways and watches as its power fades and Kenos rises.

Dext: The compass direction directly to the right when facing Weordan. The sun rises from the Dext.

Ecclesian: A member of the religious hierarchy that rules the Radiant Agnosian Empire.

Emetanic: Something which is related to or produced by an emetanism.

Emetanism: A device that produces apothos without apothynom direction.

Emetascheme: The layout of an emetanism that produces the apothic effect.

Eton Weordan: The year of Weordan. A dating system with year zero when the Weordan Empire was united. Model Species starts in EW 1073.

Facere: Individuals characterized as having poor communication skills, low capacity for new activities and a narrow range of interests. Sometimes very gifted at apothos, but in an unconventional way.

Felid: Apothically engineered, facultatively bipedal killing machines left over from the Weordan Empire.

Florey: Port city and banking center of the Radiant Agnosian Empire.

Glass House: A building with a transparent roof where plants are kept to grow in safety from the environment. The name for a greenhouse in Weordan, since plants aren't reliably green.

Goeteria: The region of Weordan that is Anti-Weord of the Zimatran Mountains. It is also defined as the land that surrounds Intera, the largest inland body of water in Weordan.

Goeterian Polities: A loose governmental pact between the city states of Goeteria to maintain trade, infrastructure and law enforcement across the region.

Havenstone: Marie's ancestral home. A border fort responsible for Agnosian Empire defense and surveillance of the wilds of Weordan.

Hydramer: An apothically prepared polymer that is highly resilent to cutting and puncturing.

Ignex: An apothically prepared clear ceramic that is resilient to rapid heat change and ideal for implanting emetanisms.

Implant, Oinos: An apothically engineered organism that symbiotically enhances the host's physical, mental and/or apothic capacity.

Impyr: An incorporeal, ephemeral denizen of the forest that leaves a blackened trail as it eats dead vegetation.

Intera: A large inland sea that can be accessed by the Intera Strait, which runs between Kenos and Denaphaos.

Interan League: An alliance between naval powers of Intera. It was later responsible for gaining support for the Goeterian Pact, which formed the Goeterian Polities.

Kenos: The bustling city of Kenos leads the charge in innovation as the world emerges from a catastrophic dark age. Formerly a weak sister of Denaphaos across the Interan Strait, Kenos is the newest, and possibly the most powerful, member of the Interan League.

Labdanum: Labdanum affects the apothic metabolism similarly to a tamer. However, it is more a competitive agonist that also needs to be metabolized rather than blocking metabolism as an antagonist.

Leugranum: The component of an emetanism that directs energy released from the fuel by a surfactant.

Light of the Path: The elite military arm of the Radiant Agnosian Empire. Those trained for service are known as lumineers.

Locket: A frequently used term for a culcursus in Kenos. The common term for something that means so much appeals to many apothynomi.

Lumineer: A member of the religious knighthood in the Radiant Agnosian Empire. Their primary organization is Light of the Path, though lumineers serve in other orders like Ordo Agnos.

Lys: The largest city near Havenstone, where Neltiar ran a shop and Marie first met him.

Lystos, The: A large swamp and forest where the waters glow more brightly gold than other swamps.

Malatien Grasslands: A savanna sinis of the Bayard Plains that is occupied by Felids, apothically engineered, facultatively bipedal killing machines left over from the Weordan Empire. It is also where violent recidivists from the Bayard Plains are often exiled.

Nigh: A popular stimulant drug.

Ocule: A part of the primeom that acts as a cohesive unit.

Ocule Chain: All of the interactions that an ocule and its products have within an organism.

Oinos: A collective of individuals that apply transformation apothos to themselves and their animals. The most notable result is that they have an intimate communication system that spans their group. They live primarily in the Rindtearal Badlands where food is scarce and fuel is plentiful. By some, they are known as fuel eaters.

Ordo Agnos: An order of Ecclesians tasked with presenting criminals to be condemned or pardoned by Agnos. Ordo Agnos pre-dates the Radiant Agnosian Empire, thus the antiquated name.

Pneuma: A monster of the wild that approaches unseen and kills suddenly. The story has been perverted by some to include the dauthaz stealing children from bed at night.

Porta Flexus: The glowing yellow patch in the middle of people's chests. It is a nexus of energy metabolism and the portal through which energy passes for apothynomi and oinos. Followers of Agnos believe it is the physical embodiment of their spiritual connection to Agnos.

Primeom: The fundamental materials that contain information which governs the function of an organism.

Pyrolysis: Transformation of a substance by application of heat.

Radiant Agnosian Empire: A collective of states that are bound together by a ruling religious hierarchy dedicated to the god Agnos.

Refractive Apothos: An apothos that alters an already existing manifestation of energy.

Rindtearal Badlands: An unfertile rocky region notoriously rich in fuel sources.

Sinis: The compass direction directly to the left when facing Weordan. The sun sets in the Sinis.

Sipara: An unusually bright star in the sky that appears periodically. According to the worshippers of Agnos, it is his mischievous daughter.

Surfactant: A substance containing the gold chemical which releases energy from a fuel source for apothos, mostly used to power emetansms.

Sylapord: A fairly strong naval power in Intera that was snubbed from the Interan League. Neltiar occasionally acts diplomatically on the behalf of this city.

Tamed liquor: Liquor that has been treated with a chemical to impair the body's ability to metabolize alcohol.

Transduction Apothos: An apothos that is a direct manifestation of energy, such as an apothos that creates light.

Transformation Apothos: An apothos that alters or affects matter.

Trysorta: A pawn in the Interan League. Initially installed by Denaphaos as a shill to maintain dominance.

Vacatun: An apothynom that specializes in disrupting an apothic conditioning, impairing an apothynom's apothic capability.

Vicenti: A monetary unit in the Radiant Agnosian Empire equal to two decenti.

Weord: The compass direction toward Weordan.

Weordan: A name that represents the name of the world, the now dead empire and the ruins of the destroyed capitol.

Wing Dust: A depressant drug that has addictive qualities.

Ysteron Weordan: The year after Weordan. A dating system with year zero when the cataclysm destroyed the Weordan Capitol. Model Species starts in YW 412.

Zimatran Mountains: The mountain range that separates Goeteria and the Bayard Plains.

Zyrie: Fourth member of the Interan League and location where the Goeterian Pact was signed by the many city states of Goeteria.

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